Sophomores’ feelings towards their future in a CTC program.


The anticipation is over and after Whitmer’s sophomore students applied to their preferred CTC program and they found out their fate. This year, the Career Technology Center teachers and administration decided to change up the application process. With it being the first year of this new process, many students have questions of why this happened?

“I think the best answer I can give is to guarantee access to programs for all students,” says career tech principal Mr. Ziems.

With the suspenseful wait to get the verification of the students possible acceptance into the program. There were many nerves going around at Whitmer.

“It was nerve wracking with the new way they were determining who gets accepted but I’m excited for the group of people I’m going to be around for sure”, sophomore Shari Manns response to how she feels about getting accepted shows truly how anxious us kids were.

Washington Local’s school board came up with a new 50/50 plan to determine the students who get into their CTC program. We know that in the previous years it was based on grades, attendance, and most importantly behavior in school. With many students knowing this is how the rules were, it was definitely frustrating to hear that all of that has changed.

“It’s kind of frustrating, especially for people who really wanted to do the program. There isn’t a lot I can do about it so I just have to make the best of my junior year,” sophomore Wes Lyons says.

A portion of sophomores definitely have shown a strong opinion about the first come first serve idea. Many think it’s unfair. Unfortunately some students at Whitmer did get denied, there is a small group of kids who still might have a chance. The Whitmer Career Tech Center staff has put together a “waiting list” for the students who didn’t submit their Google form application in enough time.

This list is for people who might decide that the CTC program they chose wasn’t for them after all or something came up and they decide they don’t want to be in one anymore. This gives the kids who didn’t make it a chance to still make it in a program. Although the chances are still low, it is possible for a certain small group of students.

“I was never accepted into a program, then my first choice of program had an opening and luckily I got put in,” says sophomore Shanti Tuggle.

Most importantly, the lucky Sophomores that did get into the specific program they wanted are very thrilled about their upcoming junior year. Sophomore Alaina McDole is beyond excited. Alaina was accepted into the Cosmetology program and, like so many newly accepted students, is ready to begin her career training journey.

“I’m very excited to get into working with real clients. I’m looking forward to the class next year and I’m very grateful to be accepted,” Ms. McDole beams.