Comfortable in your own skin

Sophomore Kalea Perkins shares her thoughts on internal beauty and how to feel freedom in yourself. Follow her as she shares a wellness journey over the summer.


For decades, people have tried to obtain the beauty standards that they see around them. At work, school, home, online; everywhere. The truth is, we are as beautiful on the inside as out. We seem to forget what that means. We think that looks will get us somewhere. In may places this can be somewhat true, but your personality will as well. It can attract new friends, new relationships. The truth is, it matters how you feel. How you want to be presented in your own skin.

For years, people have wanted to set the standard’s  and meet high expectations. Every time the stereotype changes you must to change, you weren’t being yourself you were being people wanted you to be. The definition of being comfortable in your skin or being yourself is accepting who you are, both the desirable parts that aren’t so favorable, your confidence in everything you do. Even the diets you try your hardest to stick on or the intense workouts and meal preps,. Before starting, remember you were beautiful before and after.

The goal is to be better, rather than make bad habits. Making healthier choices can impact your overall body and help you lose that weight, but that journey can also help you get more comfortable in your body; even if you don’t lose any at all. Healthy choices can give you that positive mindset.

Prioritizing yourself, taking care of yourself. Learning how to say no and yes for our own well-being.  Going on nature walks to breathe, clearing your mind, and taking a nap. Buying the anti-aging serum and sunscreen,  taking time to workout, working to lose the stress you’ve been dealing with. Making those healthier choices for overall health and to feel better can lead to being around for your family, friends, or significant other. Those choices can change unhealthy patterns.

Changing your health ways but eating more healthier, cleaner like vegetables and fruits, smoothies.  Taking supplements can help improve mood and mental state, both creating a brighter energy source for waking up happy and energetic.

Finding a job or career that is truly enjoyable helps with connection with co-worker and self-confidence. Finding and working on projects that make you feel good about yourself and what task is on hand leads to confidence in your skills and the realization that you’re full of something great in the world. It makes knowing that you enjoy what you do and feel comfortable and positive.

Expressing yourself to others and realizing your feelings and other people’s feelings matter too will be self-expressive in several ways like dancing, writing music, singing, playing your favorite sport and journaling. That is working out and taking care of your mental health, using your actions to respond to certain responsive situations. It opens to new possibilities that can be endless and a happy well-being for the rest of your life without feeling regret of opportunities I’ve missed out.

Destressing and taking for yourself plays a big role, doing things that makes you happy, relaxed and feeling well. It reduces your heart rate and blood pressure and digestion system. Taking time to take a step back and look at what’s right in front of you. You start planning and organizing what you do in stressful situations. Planning your future, savings, professions and goals, relationships, trips to take around the world. Meditating, taking nature, listening to wishful music, talking to positive people in your life, surrounding yourself with fresh, clean air, and environment.

Keeping in your mind that you’re worth to yourself knowing you are enough and worth it inside and out and that people love you for you. Not for your beauty but personality , the way you act, your talents and strengths, the way you speak up for yourself and others. Wearing what makes you comfortable, makeup, accessories, hairstyles. Not being judged for living for you and the way you want to live in this unpredictable cruel world and finding your true colors.

Join me on a wellness journey to help people get to their real selves this summer. I will give step by step resources and apps to help and guide you to your true self. To focus on the future you need to reflect and move on and stop thinking about the past but the future. I will give strategies and help, but it starts with yourself to stop complaining but to challenge yourself to be the best person you can be.