Successful Season for Whitmer Girls Soccer

Fall Sport Round Up: Girls Soccer

Whitmer girl’s Varsity Soccer won their first playoff game in five years, beating Fremont Ross High School 5-1 in their first tournament game for the 2022 post-season. Whitmer finished the season 7-12 with a loss to Fremont Ross.

We wanted to push to create a more competitive environment compared to other years and we wanted every player to feel like they had some type of responsibility on the team

— Whitmer Girls Soccer head coach Patryk Lee

This season was the first season since 2019 that the Whitmer girls soccer team has had over six wins in a season. This shows the innovation, dedication, and determination of this year’s squad.Taking care of each other and playing as a family willing to grow together was the main motivator.

“We all loved each other and wanted to do better for each other” Senior Gracie Manner reflects.

Manner explains that in the ‘22 season the team motivated each other; all wanting to do their best to improve, considering the team relies on each other. The emotional connection between the whole team was strengthened this year and each member supported one another to get the victory they had. Out of the four precious seasons since Manner’s freshman year, this is the best the team has done and the closest the team has been to each other. Four years ago the overall season was six-ten-one.

“We also wanted to create and promote more leadership in the program and have a mindset of one team and not just a JV and Varsity team,” Coach Lee says .

Coach Lee has been coaching both teams for four years and with the mindset of being one team, the JV and Varsity teams built a connection, learned to care for one another, and grow within themselves. This is one of the many reasons they built up stamina in the ‘22 season. For many, this was the first time they had ever played high school soccer. That newness added an extra level of unity.

“I saw myself keep growing and excelling and I saw improvement in each game. The fact that I had my friends by my side and that it was also their first year ” Junior Caleena Ridley reflects.

Coach Lee and Ridley both agree that the team feeling like one is what helped them through this season. Both teams have always built connections with all grades no matter what kind of leadership was present. The growth shown in the individual players and the team learning to rely on each other aided in their victory.

“I wanted to excel for my team and help them succeed,” Junior Liberty Baidel proudly shares..

The team wanted a season where they won a playoff game and they worked determinedly for it. They showed each other what it is to be a real team family and work together to succeed. They always supported each other through and through the hard games and struggles, and were able to make light of the playoff game. The team reflects this through each goal and shows how much they truly cared about each other and the kind of impact they have all had on each other.

“I think that our determination really helped us this season. No matter if we were down one at half or six, we always kept fighting until the end of the game and I am so proud of everyone for that,” Senior and Captain Gabby Sloan comments.

Working together with passion and determination can have a wondrous outcome.